Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Nothing the Bulgarian officials are not aware of

Bulgaria approved an agreement allowing the United States to establish three military bases in the former Soviet satellite. The 10-year deal gives U.S. troops access to the Graf Ignatievo airfield in central Bulgaria and, close to the border with Turkey, the Bezmer airfield. Rights groups have expressed concern the U.S. CIA used similar sites in neighboring Romania as secret jails.
Washington Post"Nothing is going to happen on Bulgarian soil with respect to American forces that the Bulgarian officials are not aware of," U.S. Ambassador John Beyrle said.
Dana Priest: I believe the Eastern European sites were closed and moved elsewhere. I'm not entirely certain where.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


AI 2006 Report: evidence of CIA rendition flights

"The United States outsources torture to countries like Morocco, Jordan and Syria," claims secretary general Irene Khan Amnesty International 2006: "...further evidence emerged that the US authorities “outsourced” torture by means including “rendition” — the transfer of individuals to another country without any form of judicial or administrative process, sometimes in secret."- Azerbaijan has denied participation in the alleged U.S. Central inteligence Agency's program of secret prisons and rendition flights of terrorist suspects. Samed Seyidov said that Azerbaijan's official response about the alleged existence of CIA secret prisons on its territory has been presented to the Council of Europe Secretary General Terry Davis. see UPI plus free plus eyes plus take

Monday, May 08, 2006


Europe: U.S. may not exchange information

"There have been very few cases of renditions," he told reporters, using the term for turning suspects over to other countries. ". . . The suggestion that there has been a large number of flights is simply an absurd allegation."

Asked whether the renditions were continuing, State's John Bellinger said: "The last allegation of rendition was something like three years ago."

"This furor over renditions, and the furor over the flights alone, and the suggestion that flights alone are somehow improper . . . already is undermining intelligence cooperation," Bellinger said. "Next time, the U.S. may be reluctant to bring people to Europe or exchange information," he added. See Cleveland Plain Dealer plus invasion plus blasted plus flaming

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


el- Masri: maximum transparency and openness

Khaled el- Masri, a German car mechanic born in Lebanon, charges that he was drugged and flown from Macedonia to Kabul. Interior minister, Ljubomir Mihajilovski, said, "We had a good discussion, and we hope it will finally be clarified that there was not such a case in which Macedonian security services were involved." He added, "There are no indications that foreign intelligence services, and particularly the CIA, were involved" in a kidnapping. Siljan Avramovski, the former head of Macedonia's counterintelligence service, the UBK, said, "We will provide maximum transparency and openness in our discussions." see IHT plus Khaled plus el-Masri plus story

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