Thursday, December 14, 2006


"alien unlawful combatants" law "sweeping and ill- conceived"

Even though the president acknowledged that he had sent prisoners to secret “black sites” for interrogation, Congress passed legislation decreasing Congressional and judicial oversight of detainees. When Bush admitted, in short, that the second narrative — America tortures people in secret — was true, Congress effectively made it legal. It strips the courts of jurisdiction to hear whole classes of cases and denies “alien unlawful combatants” (a classification left to Bush to define) the power to assert Geneva Conventions claims in courts. here Incoming panel chairman Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont said he will work to revise the law Congress passed at the end of the legislative session to provide for CIA detention and interrogation of terrorist suspects. The measure, which Leahy called ``sweeping and ill- conceived,'' bars federal courts from considering habeas-corpus petitions filed by terrorism suspects challenging their detention. here

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Monday, December 04, 2006


Norwegian official warned Kurd he was CIA target

CIA target Krekar
Islamic militant living in Oslo known as Mullah Krekar, a Kurd, received a warning in 2003 from an anonymous Norwegian official that he was a CIA target and should watch his back. The CIA spies left Norway by the end of the summer, according to records of their travels compiled by European investigators. here

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