Thursday, January 12, 2012


MI5 and MI5 officers : no torture collusion charges

Abdel Hakin Belhaj, a commander of the rebel forces in Libya, says he was tortured after being arrested in 2004. He says that he was taken from Bangkok to Libya by a joint CIA and MI6 operation which was set up to help Col Muammar Gaddafi round up his enemies.
In the statement, the Metropolitan Police said that it had received a complaint from him relating to his rendition to Libya and information relating to a second similar case.

The statement said: "The allegations raised in the two specific cases concerning the alleged rendition of named individuals to Libya and the alleged ill-treatment of them in Libya are so serious that it is in the public interest for them to be investigated now rather than at the conclusion of the Detainee Inquiry."
Metropolitan Police and Crown Prosecution Service said MI5 and MI6 officers would not be charged over separate torture collusion claims.
He is also suing the UK over his transfer to Libya and subsequent torture.

The government has set up an inquiry into claims of rendition.

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