Saturday, May 23, 2009


Using foreigners driven by closing secret prisons

How the United States is dealing with terrorism suspects beyond those already in the prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, was a question Mr. Obama did not address in the speech he gave Thursday about his antiterrorism policies. The United States is now relying heavily on foreign intelligence services to capture, interrogate and detain all but the highest-level terrorist suspects. The current approach, which began in the last two years of the Bush administration and has gained momentum under Mr. Obama, is driven in part by court rulings and policy changes that have closed the secret prisons run by the Central Intelligence Agency. Some agency officials say a directive from U.S. President Barack Obama to strictly follow the Army Field Manual in interrogations -- which bars waterboarding and other harsh techniques authorized for the CIA by the Bush administration -- will result in confusion and hurt its ability to gain information from terror suspects. Global Strategies Group says that its employees have not been found to have engaged in improper conduct in either Iraq or Afghanistan.

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