Friday, November 25, 2005


CIA Planes Transit Via Iceland

CIA airplanes have landed in Keflavík and Reykjavík at least 67 times since 2001. According to prime minister Halldór Ásgrímsson, the Icelandic government did not know about the flights.
Information from the Icelandic Flight Authority on stopovers of airplanes in Iceland was compared with information on the airplanes' registration numbers, owner history and current owners.
Airplanes operated by CIA front companies often change registration numbers and move between companies. One airplane that has landed nine times in Iceland, a MacDonald Douglas 82, was registered to the US Ministry of Justice before being registered to CIA front company Alameda Corporation.
Icelandic leaders "did not know a thing" about flights landing in Iceland. Prime minister Halldór Ásgrímsson said that, to his knowledge, the matter has not been taken up within the Icelandic government.
He said that it is ridiculous, and there is reason to condemn, [if proven true], actions such as prisoners being moved between countries in order to torture them for information. Halldór said no one could defend such conduct. He said, if it was the case [that prisoners were being moved through Iceland for torture in other countries] it was crystal clear that, like other European nations, the Icelandic government would not want to participate in any way, shape or form.
MP Helgi Hjörvar sent the Icelandic Ministry of Justice a letter requesting an official police investigation of the flights of the airplanes through Icelandic airspace. Helgi wants to know who was transported, when, from where, and their fate at the ultimate destination. Helgi also wants to know who is responsible for the flights; he wants to have them arrested if they come to Iceland again.
Hansen, however, replied to an inquiry by Red-Green Alliance's MP and defence spokesman Frank Aaen that one of the aircraft, registered as N168D, had passed through Danish airspace on 10 October this year, on its way from Iceland to Hungary.
The aircraft is owned by Devon Holding & Leasing, which US newspaper The New York Times has identified as one of seven carriers used by the CIA as fronts to conduct the flights.
On Thursday however, t a Casa CN-235 plane owned by Devon Holding and Leasing had landed late Wednesday at Reykjavik airport en route from Scotland to Canada, and left early Thursday.

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