Saturday, December 17, 2005


Crime allegation in Scotland must be substantiated

CIA flights have refuelled in Scotland hours after transferring detainees, Green MSPs have written to Strathclyde Police and the Northern Constabulary, using of Prestwick, Glasgow, Wick and Inverness airports. They have also written to Fife Constabulary regarding the reported use of RAF Leuchars airport.
At Holyrood, First Minister Jack McConnell told MSPs: "I must reiterate that for any allegation of a crime on Scottish soil to be substantiated and for any search warrant in particular to be issued, or even for a court to be approached for that, it is vital that the appropriate evidence is given."

See BBC, plus civil, Dens, Secret, and highland plus human plus Clemsi

Great stuff. Thanks for your post to my blog.

We may just be drops in the ocean, but hey; no drops, no ocean.

Thanks for that piece of information, this is a most interesting puzzle, that sadly we may never know all the pieces too.

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