Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Irish sending bills to CIA in Central Africa

"The CIA is using Baldonnel for these rendition flights and the Department of Defence is sending bills for the fuel to CIA shadow companies at post office box numbers in Central Africa,"Mr Norris told the committee.
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Mr Ahern said [2003]: "Just to re-emphasise there have been no requests and no landings in any form since the autumn." See Archives
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Hey Gary,

You sent me a comment a while ago about CIA using Baldonnel airport in West Dublin.
Now this is making waves in ireland.
You can read the following account:
G2 military intelligence is now trying to find out who leaked the info to newspaper "The Phoenix" rather than the flights themselves.
What I'd really be interested in, in the light of the early date at wich you sent me that comment, is where you got that info, and if you have more? Your lead to Mauritania is interesting...
oh, and here was my blog if you don't remember:
Thanks, hopefully talk to you soon.
CIA black site in Mauritania
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