Friday, December 02, 2005


Will respond to Straw in due course -- White House

And Secretary Rice has indicated that she will be responding to the letter from Foreign Secretary Straw in due course.

We are glad to talk about these issues. There are sometimes difficult issues you have to address when it comes to a war like this, because we face a different kind of enemy, an enemy that abides by no laws, that abides by no treaties, and an enemy that wears no uniform, and an enemy that seeks to kill innocent men, women and children throughout the civilized world. We're all engaged in the global war on terrorism. We all have a responsibility to take the fight to the terrorists and defeat them and prevent attacks from happening...

But we also have a responsibility to respect the laws and the values and the treaty obligations that we have agreed to.

Press briefing White House,

And pigs might fly. They'll never answer, Straw will never persue the matter, and that will be that. After all, the EU has gone through the motions of indignation and asking for clarification, an answer is not really necessary or expected, that might cause complications. If by chance an answer does come, it will at a time when the media has dropped the story, be communicated secretly and no action will follow. So don't hold your breath waiting for the answer, due course could mean in 60 years.
All quite logical. But U.S. polls are changing and an election scheduled.

My guess they will stop the European flights. There is Diego Garcia, and something off the Honduran coast, is it Swan Island? and lots more.
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