Friday, March 17, 2006


Nobody has seen foreign planes landing for years

Ukrainian Makarov-11 garrison in Kiev region is not used as a CIA prison, and in July-August 2005 in the Ozernoe airport (Zhitomir, Ukraine) six Gulfstream-type planes did not land. Locals said that the base in Makarov is almost conservated, no movement is seen there. The base is more Russian than Ukrainian as it belongs to the Russian General Staff. The airport is in the middle of the city. Nobody have seen any foreign strange planes landing for the last years, or heavily guarded convoys. Parliamentary committee for defense and national security head
Georgy Kryuchkov said he had received an anonymous letter about secret CIA prisons on Ukrainian territory.


You're doing some nice work here. More people need to read this. I've added a link from my blog.
Sorry, not that blog, this one: Rummy's Diaries. That other blog has fallen into disrepair, mainly because I'm not trained in economics.
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