Wednesday, September 20, 2006


not rendition. If a rendition, not responsible.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said he had not read the report on a software engineer exonerated of involvement in terrorism, but said, "We were not responsible for his removal to Syria,” adding, “I’m not aware that he was tortured." here The CIA had no comment. Gonzales said Arar's removal was a deportation and not rendition. "Even if it were a rendition, we understand as a government what our obligations are with respect to anyone who is rendered by this government to another country," he said. "[I]f in fact he had been rendered to Syria, we would have sought those same kind of assurances, as we do in every case." The engineer, Maher Arar, challenged that assertion. "I don't think they are being truthful about this," he said. here
In his case, he said, a "special removal unit" transported him to Syria via Jordan on what he believes to have been a CIA plane. "They rendered me to a country that they consider sponsors terrorism and that has a legacy of torture," he said.

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