Friday, September 08, 2006


Suspects whose whereabouts are still unknown

Human Rights Watch, in response to a request from The New York Times, provided a list of 14 men, other than those rendered on Labor Day, who the organization believes have been secretly detained since the Sept. 11 attacks and whose whereabouts are still unknown. HRW NYT Shackled and hooded, 14 men in secret CIA custody were gathered one by one from locations across the world last weekend and flown to a rallying point to await one more flight. For some of the prisoners, it was their third or fourth journey to yet another unknown destination since President Bush approved a covert plan for them to disappear into CIA facilities hidden throughout Eastern Europe and Asia.
On Sunday night, the men -- three Pakistanis, two Yemenis, two Saudis, two Malaysians, a Palestinian, a Libyan, a Somali, an Indonesian and a Tanzanian -- were sedated and placed together onto a flight to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. They arrived Labor Day morning, an unusually quiet time at the Pentagon-run facility.

The Hamdan decision did not mean that the sites could not exist; it just meant that the CIA could no longer handle suspects outside the boundaries of the Geneva Conventions, according to the Administration. President Bush:"The current transfers mean that there are now no terrorists in the CIA program. But as more high-ranking terrorists are captured, the need to obtain intelligence from them will remain critical. And having a CIA program for questioning terrorists will continue to be crucial to getting life-saving information." here

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