Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Aero Contractors Ltd. take off from Johnston County Airport

SMITHFIELD, N.C. - The airplanes of Aero Contractors Ltd. take off from Johnston County Airport here, then disappear over the scrub pines and fields of tobacco and sweet potatoes. Nothing about the sleepy Southern setting hints of foreign intrigue. Nothing gives away the fact that Aero's pilots are the discreet bus drivers of the battle against terrorism, routinely sent on secret missions to Baghdad, Cairo, Tashkent and Kabul. here
AeroContractors of Nigeria 737 AeroContractors Ltd. is owned by Schreiner Airways which is owned by CHC Helicopter Corporation of Canada, which is substantially controlled by Discovery Helicopters, controlled by Mark D. Dobbins, a citizen of Ireland and Canada. Schedule 13 (d) Plane is leased from JAT Airways (Jugoslovenski aerotransport) of Serbia.

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Aero Contractors Company of Nigeria Ltd, the company owned by CHC (see,) is not connected to Aero Contractors Ltd (the rendition folks)
accept correction...please give source or identity
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